A new, dry charged battery must be activated (prepared for service) before installing. Put on safety glasses and rubber gloves. Remove the cell caps or covers. Using a plastic funnel, not a metal funnel, pour electrolyte into each cell. Pour in enough electrolyte to just cover the plates and separators.

Replace the caps. Charge the battery as recom­mended by the manufacturer. After charging, re­check the electrolyte level. Install the battery.


To remove a battery, first disconnect the battery cables. Then loosen the battery retaining clamp. Using a battery strap or lifting tool, Fig. 39-25, lift the battery carefully out of the car.

DANGER! Always wear safety glasses when carrying a battery. If you were to drop a battery, acid could squirt out of the vent caps or broken case and into your face and eyes.

To install a battery, gently place the battery into its clean tray or box. Check that the battery fits properly. The box must not cut through and rupture the plastic case. Bolt on the retaining clamp and install the cables.

The replacement battery should have a starting power rating EQUAL to factory recommendations. If an undersize battery (lower starting power rating) is installed, battery performance and service life will be reduced.

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