As with solderless terminals, there are many types, shapes and sizes of crimping tools. Using the crimping tool that matches the specific crimp lug will give the correct crimping force for a properly executed crimp.

The crimping tool is used on non-insulated crimp lugs and links. The tool can also be used as a wire stripper and cut-off. For pre-insulated crimp lugs, links and connectors, ratchet type crimping tools are used.

The ratchet-type crimping tool may have red, blue or yellow handles. Most crimping tools perform a specialized function; therefore, if using a certain manufacturer’s crimp lug, it is advisable to use his recommended crimping tool.

The illustrated crimping tool has art open head which holds easily changed die sets and performs crimping operations on terminal lugs lot conductor sizes 26 through 10 AWG.

The universal crimping tool crimps between 0.013 mm2 to 3.37 mm 2 and has a turret head assembly (not shown) which contains three colour-coded positioners.

The Buchanan tool is used on connectors such as the one shown. Make sure that the wire can be seen through the small window.

This tool, as with most other crimping tools, is fitted with a mechanism that prevents the tool from releasing the terminal before the crimping cycle has been completed and the terminal assembly compressed to a pre-set datum.

The appropriate device size is stamped on the face of the tool and the colour of the paint on the tool handle is related to the device size in a similar manner to the colour of the terminal insulation.

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