1. Remove the bolts (2) that hold the inlet housing
  2. Remove the inlet housing (1)Bend the lock (4) from the spanner nut
  3. Fasten 2 short housing bolts of 7/8“ in size, a spacer (3) and thighten them properly.
  4. Bend the lock (4) from the spanner nut
  5. Hold the shaft end by using a 1-5/16 socket and four 3/16” pins
  6. Remove the spanner nut (8) by using a spanner socket, then remove the lock (9), the impeller (6), the key (7) and the shim (5)Remove the head (10) and the port plate (11). Be careful with the slippery surface of the port plate.
  7. Remove both the bolt and the spacer previously fastened (in step 3). Loosen the bolt consistently to prevent binding.
  8. Remove the head (10) and the port plate (11). Be careful with the slippery surface of the port plate.
  9. Pull the bearing by using a puller.  Do not scratch the surface of the barrel.  The protecting plastic plate is used to prevent surface of the barrel from scratches.
  10. Install the barrel retraction plate. The wooden bearing on the plate must be positioned between the surface of the barrel and the plate.  Be careful with the barrel surface.  Fasten the bolt to loosen the pressure on the spiral snap ring. Note :  use two (2) bolts of 1-2/3 in diameter and 4 “ in length and a washer.
  11. Remove the spiral snap ring Note :  use two (2) bolts of 1-2/3 in diameter and 4 “ in length and a washer.
  12. Remove the two cam retaining bolts and install 2 guide rods
  13. Pull the shaft and push the guide rod to remove the shaft, the barrel, the piston and the Cam.  Those parts must slide out smoothly when they are clamped.  Therefore, the anti tip bearing must be aligned
  14. Remove the guide rod
  15. Clean an area on the surface of the  piston and the cylinder, and then write a  number by using a felt tip pen. Note :  Any piston can be placed in any cylinder due to its tolerance.  However, once a pump is used, then the piston and the cylinder tend to form one set of assembly.
  16. Pull the shaft out from the cam end, slide the barrel (14) out from the piston and the Cam (13), and remove the anti tip bearing (15).
  17. Remove 4 head screws (19) that hold the retraction bearing (18).
  18. The cam (16), the retraction bearing, the slipper retraction plate (17), the shims (20) and the piston will be easily separated
  19. Remove the spring from the centre of the barrel, place the barrel on a press.  Put a spacer between the press head and the spring spacer.  Compress spring is used to loosen the tension on  the snap ring.  A plastic plate can be used to protect the barrel surface from scratches
  20. Remove the snap ring.  Loosen slowly the tension working on the spring until the spring is free from tension
  21. Remove the spacer and the spring.
  22. To take off the anti tip bearing, remove  the 8 head screws and the bearing (23), then the shim (22) and the ring (21) will be separated
  23. Use a bearing puller to remove the tapered roller bearing
  24. To take off the Lip Seal (24) from the housing, remove the snap ring and push the seal out of the pump during the dismantlement process.
  25. Remove the tapered bearing cups (25) from the head and the housing by using a bearing cup puller.

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