Pump Installation Procedure

  1. Cool and install the tapered bearing cup on the head and the housing. Make sure that the cups have been properly positioned on the shoulder inside the head and the housing.
  2. Install a new teflon seal in the head.
  3. Heat the tapered bearing (2) in the oil and install it on the shaft.  Make sure that the bearing has been properly positioned on the shoulder of the shaft.
  4. When the spring in the barrel has been removed, place a spacer (3), then place a spring (4) and outer spring spacer in the bore. Use a press and a spacer to compress the spring.  Install a snap ring (5).  Make sure that the snap ring has been positioned in the ring groove.  Loosen slowly the pressure working on the spring.
  5. Place the piston in its position through the slippery side of the retraction plate.
  6. Place the slipper on the smooth surface of the cam (6), install the shim (8) and retraction bearing (7), and then torque the head screw to 12± 2 pound-feet
  7. Take the slipper away from the cam and check the clearance by using a feeler gauge. The clearance between all the slippers and the surface of the cam must be .003” ± .001”.  Remove or add shims to the cam’s counterbore to obtain an accurate clearance. Re-torque the cap screw to 12 ± 2 pound-feet
  8. Place an anti tip bearing in the housing and place a barrel and a port plate on it.  Check the clearance between the surface of  the housing and the port plate by using a depth micrometer.  Check at three points at an interval of 120°. The clearance must be .006” ± .003”
  9. Remove the port plate
  10. Remove or add shims between the bearing ring and the bearing to obtain an accurate clearance.  Tighten the eight head screws in the bearing to 15 ± 2 lb/inch
  11. Slide the anti tip bearing (10) on the barrel by using the bronze bearing toward the shoulder on the barrel
  12. Slide the piston (9) into the barrel cylinder from the location where it was removed
  13. Install the shaft (11).  The shaft will be properly installed when the notch on the shaft matches the counter notch on the barrel
  14. Install new O-ring seals (12) around the bolt holes on the cam.  Lubricate them with grease to hold the seals in their places
  15. Insert guide rods (13) into the bolt holes on the cam
  16. Align the guide rods with the bolt holes in the cam
  17. Push the shaft, the barrel and the cam into the housing
  18. Use the guide rods to push the assembly into the housing and parallel the dowel in the cam with the dowel holes on the housing
  19. Remove 1 guide rod and install a bolt (14).  Remove the other guide rods and install bolts.  Torque the bolts in accordance with the torque specification

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